Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is what stress does, kids.

Hello all. Happy Tuesday.

So I went to the podiatrist yesterday and he said my muscles are just fatigued because of my flat-footedness and tendon issues and that I really need to get back in those orthotics so my body stops trying to overcompensate for my lack of arches, etc. He's making me get a scan-o-gram to see if I actually have a leg length discrepancy (as my chiro said) or if that is b.s. and the orthotics are fine as-is.

The tongue pain,/weird speech (at least in my head) actually went away for a while yesterday and a little bit today, mostly while I was fully focused on whatever task I had at hand, so I definitely think that's another gift from the stress factory that is me.

So, good right? Now I can relax.....BOOM here's a nasty cold for you because once again your worrying/lack of sleep/lack of focus on healthy eating and exercise has lowered your immunities. Woooooo! So I spent last night and today with a rather brutal sore throat, lots of stuffiness and the feeling of 10-lb weights suspended from my lower eyelids. Thanks, body, for reminding me as you always do what happens if I let anxiety take over.

Time for more cold meds...and high doses of Vitamin C!

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